Planning Your Ikea Kitchen – Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

You know that old saying… failing to plan, is like planning to fail. That statement couldn’t be more true than when you’re undertaking an Ikea kitchen remodelling project.

From the very beginning you must plan your project with with a heavy focus on detail or you will most likely fail. There’s no way around it. The key to getting your project started out on the correct foot is to make sure that you put a lot of time and effort into your kitchen design so that you know it is right!

The starting point when you are prepared to start your planning should weigh heavy on the overall kitchen design, the Ikea Kitchen Planner Software is that starting point.

If you haven’t done so already, go to Ikea and download the Ikea Kitchen Planner Software here:

Ikea Kitchen Planner Software

When you get the Ikea Kitchen Planner, play around with it for a couple of days and do some rough schematic designs.

Now that you’re comfortable with the software, it’s time to get some accurate measurements of your existing kitchen. If you’re not comfortable with measuring the kitchen yourself, you can hire a service to come out and do it for you, or enlist the help of a friend or family member that’s handy.

When you get your measurements done, it’s time to do your first design on the planner software.

Start off by creating a new project in the Ikea Kitchen Planner Software and input your kitchen dimensions and finalize your room layout.

When you have the room layout right, the next step is to use the software and place your cabinets into the room you created.

When you start to place the cabinets with the planning software, make very sure that you give all the required information and clear specifications on things like door styles, finishes and such so your quote and parts list is correct when you’re done and ready to print.

When you finish your initial design, take a couple of days off and then revisit your design to see if it will work.

If your not quite comfortable with your design, save this design and start a new one. In some cases you might choose to totally change your layout to something completely different than what you started with. When i designed my kitchen i did that also. I ended up doing 3-4 designs and picked the best one of the group for my final plan.

Research is key in the next steps, if you have your initial Ikea Kitchen Plan ready then you are ready to move on to researching such things as lighting, appliances, flooring and more.

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Gaggenau and Falcon take the stage for cooking excellence

Chefs and professional cooks have always used large ovens for gastronomy. But range cookers are fast becoming the first choice of domestic consumers too, who adore the range cooker’s considerable capacity for roasting, baking, grilling and keeping already-prepared dishes warm while others are still being cooked. Ranges look fantastic too, and they fit right in with the Brits’ relatively recent desire to create kitchens that sit right at the heart of the home.

Gaggenau and Falcon range cookers are two of the best, with UK sales currently booming. Both brands live up to the highest standards and compare extremely well with traditional, smaller appliances in terms of efficiency, flexibility, great looks and functionality.

Gaggenau’s superb combi-steam ovens use pressure-less steam to deliver the healthiest cooking methods, retaining the goodness of vitamins and minerals and preserving food’s natural colour and consistency perfectly. Their outstanding warming drawers do so much more than simply warming plates. They brown roasts beautifully, help delicate pastries rise and keep stews and soups wonderfully warm. Gaggenau’s Vario cooktops are specialised appliances available in all manner of combinations to suit your tastes and cooking style. And their beautiful cooktops provide an equally wide choice. Including ceramic, gas or induction technology, they’re a big hit with food professionals in the UK and beyond.

Falcon is a member of the prestigious, well-loved AGA Rangemaster Group, and as such is supported by some of the most inspirational consumer brands on the planet. Falcon ranges also share the same superb technical excellence, innovation and top class customer support. Their cookers are manufactured right here in Britain, created using professional-grade materials, made by highly skilled workers, using state-of-the-art machinery.

Falcon’s heritage spans more than 75 years and they’ve won an enviable reputation with our top chefs as well as for ordinary everyday domestic use. The falcon brand incorporates beautiful, stylish range cookers as well as refrigeration appliances, wine coolers, sinks, taps and a range of gorgeous, classy kitchen accessories. In fact their collection is so broad that you can create an entire co-ordinated Falcon kitchen in your home if you’re so inclined. They’re sleek and good-looking on the outside, brimming with features and technological treats on the inside, all supported by legendary customer service.

If you’re searching for kitchen appliances that are built to last, look fabulous, work with total efficiency and flexibility, Gaggenau and Falcon products are your first stop on the way to cooking excellence. You’re worth it; and so is your kitchen!

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The wonder of Wolf kitchen appliances, pure kitchen eye candy

The Aga range cooker is a superb beast, a beautiful addition to any kitchen. But if you prefer something a little more contemporary in the heart of your home, Wolf appliances are some of the best on the market – they manufacture an exciting choice of yummy kitchen eye candy.

Wolf Built-in ovens combine the latest in simple yet highly effective technology with striking design. The gorgeous, dramatic black glass E series single and double ovens, for example, are a stylish alternative to Wolf’s classic stainless steel models. Their dual fuel ranges are wonderfully controllable, with special dual stacked sealed  gas burners and a host of exciting extras including char broilers and griddles. Their dual convection ovens are self-cleaning with four elements, ten different cooking modes and nine gas top configurations.

Wolf’s electric cook-tops are high-performance masterpieces with pinpoint-accuracy control and a huge single heating space that’s perfect for cooking for loads of people and creating complex dishes. And it’s an exercise in minimalism taken to the nth degree – beautiful.

Dual-stacked sealed burner gas cook tops are the last word in precision, a dream to control. Turn the burners as low as 0.1Kw and you’ll get the tiniest flame, perfect for melting and simmering. Turn it up and the burners deliver an impressive 4.7Kw of heat, ideal for searing succulent meats.

The modular Wolf gas range is available in four widths and seven surface configurations, so it’ll fit almost any size or shape of kitchen as well as delivering the top class performance you’d expect from a premium brand. Expect an infra-red grill and convection baking as standard. They do microwaves too, and they’re beauties. No longer a sure-fire way to massacre your food, today’s ‘nukes’ are masters of cooking performance, fast and efficient with delicious results. Wolf microwaves’ super-refined controls and sleek looks make them a leader in their field.

Nasty cooking smells? Wolf’s ventilation systems are powerful stuff, designed to keep your kitchen and adjoining rooms free from smoke and odours. They’re made from study, attractive welded steel, and their sculptured lines are an asset to any home. Their warming drawers are a great way to preserve prepared food in perfect nick until you’re ready to serve it. And last but not least, take a look at Wolf induction cookers, 90-95% energy efficient with a great-looking minimalist exterior.

If you want your kitchen to look fantastic and the appliances in it to work as beautifully as they appear, you can’t go far wrong with Wolf!

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Colour brings bespoke kitchens to life

The creation of bespoke kitchens provides the perfect opportunity to design every aspect of the room, including the colour scheme. The right combination of colours and shades of materials can make the kitchen look far more appealing and vibrant.

Colours have been proven to have a significant impact on a room. For instance, the colour red is known to increase people’s appetite and so is a great colour for a kitchen. From an aesthetic point of view, it is also suitable in a kitchen as it adds warmth to the room. Muted oranges and yellows can also look great and have a similar effect. Having an accent wall is a common feature in many bespoke kitchens, as it is a more subtle way of brightening things up and can highlight a unique piece of bespoke furniture, such as an ornate cabinet or set of shelves.

When one has a hand in designing every element of a kitchen, the range of colours available for the materials used is vast. For example, if wood is the preferred choice of material for the main pieces of furniture, such as the kitchen island, counter tops and cabinets, then there is a world of choice when it comes to tones and colours. Many people who want a luxurious look in their kitchen opt for opulent, rich mahogany, which adds depth and elegance to bespoke kitchens, but there are others who adore the soft and subtle appearance of lighter woods such as birch and pine. Of course, wood is very versatile and can be painted to fit in with almost any colour scheme.

Trends in home décor come and go, so the best advice would be to merely take inspiration from décor ideas that appeal, rather than copying the look entirely, as this is the easiest way to create a kitchen that is both unique and timeless.

Kitchen Craft Colourworks Measuring Spoon Set, Set of 5

Kitchen Craft Colourworks Measuring Spoon Set

Both whites and creams are popular choices in kitchens, as they give a simple, crisp and clean appearance to a room. But these types of kitchens can sometimes seem a tad sterile and cold, so it is important to use materials that add warmth to the room alongside such a colour scheme; teak and oak are great choices in this case. An accent wall in a pastel colour is another option, as this will soften the overall look of the white walls, yet will still be in keeping with the sleek modern style that the white brings to the kitchen.

Gone are the days when just one colour was used. As people become more involved in the creation of their bespoke kitchens, they are beginning to experiment with different colours to see which works best in their kitchen. Many people now use up to three main colours when redecorating a kitchen space. Usually, one dominant colour is used on the walls, a secondary colour in the main surfaces such as the cabinets and tables and a third colour is brought into the room through small, removable pieces such as artwork and soft furnishing.

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Kitchens sinks; a wooden basin is best

One of the most essential additions to a new kitchen is the sink, or what some call the basin. The sink needs to be the right size, style and shape for the kitchen, so that it not only looks good, but also functions well.

Many standard sinks are made from stainless steel, cast iron with an enamel coat or even granite. However, the wooden basin is becoming an increasingly popular choice with those who are renovating their kitchens, as this type of sink offers style as well as practicality.

Stainless steel sinks are often chosen because they are more readily available than other basins and are considered to be easy to clean and maintain. The reality is that there are plenty of other options that are just as simple to care for and are affordable too. Stainless steel is not the most stylish choice either, as it can look quite plain. For those who want a sink that can work as a style feature of the kitchen as well as perform well, then a wooden basin or an iron cast basin may be a better option. If you are considering an enamel coated, cast iron basin, do bear in mind that the enamel has a tendency to wear and scratch over time, so it may not be a great purchase for those who need a very durable basin.

Wooden basins are straightforward to use, look great and require very little maintenance, making them an excellent choice for many people. They are a great option for anyone who wants a rustic or shabby chic style in their kitchen. Whilst years ago it was common to have a single sink, nowadays, many basins are double bowled, as this allows one to clean dishes and wash vegetables separately. The oversized basin is ideal for washing larger baking trays, pots and pans, whilst the smaller one can be used for rinsing glasses.

The Art of Kitchen Design

The Art of Kitchen Design

The faucet of the sink is just as important as the basin itself. There is a huge range of faucets available today, so there is a design to suit everyone’s tastes. The finish and functionality of the faucet are the most important things to keep in mind when shopping around. The majority of faucets have ceramic, disc, ball or cartridge valves. The ceramic discs tend to be most durable. In terms of materials, solid brass is a great choice, as this will last for years and looks very elegant and stylish. Other options include pewter, brushed nickel, polished nickel or chrome, all of which are good choices; it just depends on what finish will work best with the decor of the rest of the kitchen.

Many faucet designs today feature a double handle, however a single lever tends to look simpler and more chic. A spray arm is a practical choice for those who need to wash larger pots and it’s also great for rinsing out the sink and filling up pots. A separate hot water dispenser can also be a useful addition to the basin.

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Advice on Buying a Range Cooker

When it comes to buying the ultimate cooking appliance that will add a touch of class and quality to your kitchen there is no better oven than a range cooker. For amateur and professional cooks alike, range cookers provide all the necessary features to ensure food is cooked to its absolute best. There are a number of manufacturers of range cookers such as Aga, Rangemaster, Brittania and Falcon, but before you go investing in a new range cooker there are a few things to take into consideration.

Range cookers

Modern range cookers are built with the latest intelligent technology to make sure your cooking experience is as easy and functional as possible. Advances in the systems used to operate range cookers means your oven will be convenient, versatile and economic.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is the amount of flexibility you’ll require from your oven and hob. Consider what your cooking habits are likely to be and then choose a range cooker that will provide enough burner types, sizes and numbers as well as enough ovens to cope with the demands placed on it. Make sure that the size of range cooker you buy can fit in the space allocated in your kitchen.

Once you know how big your range cooker needs to be, you’ll have to make a decision on fuel type. In many respects this will be dictated by the supply to your home but you should also consider what best suits your cooking needs. Gas and electric cookers – known as dual fuel range cookers – are the most common type with gas burners on the hob and electric ovens. Gas offers the best controlled heat when cooking on the hob and electric ovens are best for speed and multi-functionality. If you go for a four oven range cooker you’ll have the option of using a conventional oven, fan oven, simmering oven and ceramic grill.

Very easy slow cooker recipes for those who hate cooking

Very easy slow cooker recipes for those who hate cooking

Your range cooker should have a variety of systems to aid your cooking experience. One of the most practical pieces of technology fitted into modern ovens is the electronic programmer. This is of great benefit to people with busy lifestyles or families as you have the option to program when the oven is to start and finish cooking. Features such as fast pre-heat can bring the oven up to cooking temperature quicker than conventional ovens saving you both time and money.

Aga – king of the range cookers

There’s one name that is synonymous with quality kitchen appliances and that is Aga. Aga range cookers are the modern extension of the iconic heat storing Aga offering the same classic looks and build quality but with all the options you’d find on a range cooker.

Aga have refined the control systems for their range cookers to give you total confidence that you’re cooking food at its best. The easy to clean surfaces, dye-cast solid doors and multiple ovens provide the ultimate cooking appliance for any kitchen.

The timeless design of an Aga range cooker will become the focal point of your kitchen. The models available have been designed to match the size of standard kitchen units and there is a range of colours to suit most tastes. Investing in an Aga will provide you with a cooker that has longevity and one that offers perfect cooking results.

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Rayburn Ranges a Big Hit This Autumn

The nights are drawing in. It’s getting colder. Mornings are getting to be crisper. And our Rayburn cookers are making a larger splash than ever. Why are so many of us planning to use a state-of-the-art Rayburn range this winter?

Rayburn is AGA’s sister brand, providing classic cast iron cookers to energy mindful families all over the UK. The Rayburn is well known and beloved as the workhorse of the AGA family. It’s wonderfully sturdy. Some models deal with cooking. Some manage cooking and heating water. Others function as cookers, heat your water and also heat your house. So they’re versatile. Much more than just a range cooker, it’s more like an all-in-one home energy centre!

Like the AGA, the Rayburn cooks with indirect heat, well known for delivering moist, flavour-packed food with minimal effort. And it’s easy on the eye. The Rayburn Heat Ranger, for example, is available in a wide choice of stunning colours including an attractive ruby-red claret, a cool deep blue and a traditional dark green… plus enduringly popular cream, pewter and black.

According to the model, it’s ideal for heating a home with between two and twenty bedrooms economically and efficiently. It’s very flexible as regards fuel. There’s a Rayburn for oil, gas, propane, wood and solid fuel. With a new Rayburn at the heart of your home you’ll be using energy efficiently and responsibly.

The cutting edge automatic green energy system – known as the Smart System – even helps you take full advantage of renewable energy by permitting your Rayburn to be connected to a heat pump, wood burning stove or solar heating panels.

No wonder it’s such a popular choice. It’s energy-efficient and environmentally responsible. It cooks like a dream. It heats your home to cosy perfection even on the coldest days. And it’s genuine kitchen eye candy!

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Sub-Zero, the kitchen appliance brand that’s cooler than cool!

A fridge is just a fridge – right? Not when you’re talking about Sub Zero, the coolest of the cool when it comes to refrigeration, whether you’re a professional chef or just someone who adores good looking, top-performing kitchen appliances. The Sub-Zero collection is as versatile as it is stylish, and fits beautifully within any kitchen interior décor scheme: traditional, contemporary or something in between.

Sub-Zero fridges, freezers and wine storage units are made by hand in the USA by consummate craftsmen. Every single appliance is tested thoroughly before being released onto the market. And they’re the only refrigeration brand offering dual refrigeration, which means temperature and humidity are controlled intelligently and individually.

Why? Because to work their very best and store food in its optimum condition for longest, the refrigerator and freezer elements of an appliance need to run at different humidity levels. Most appliances use a single system to control the humidity and temperature, so when you open the doors you lose a significant amount of cool. A dual system returns your appliance to within one degree of the original temperature immediately.

What about energy efficiency? Dual refrigeration means you spend less on energy, which might seem counter-intuitive but because the refrigerator only needs to restore the temperature in one part of the unit, after you’ve removed food from it, it takes less work to bring it back to the correct temperature and humidity than a regular fridge, freezer or wine preserving system.

Sub-Zero’s built-in line features super-sleek classic good looks and truly iconic design detail. Their PRO line makes a strong and bold style statement that’s unique to them, designed to merge seamlessly into your kitchen and complement – rather than ruin – your interior design scheme. And their wine preservation collection is versatile and high tech, beautiful to look at with equally remarkable performance levels and the same Sub-Zero attention to detail and quality.

What’s the history behind Sub-Zero appliances? Seventy years ago the old-style Wisconsin entrepreneur Westye F. Bakke decided to create the ultimate in refrigeration appliances. He worked hard to perfect the storage of frozen food at ultra-low temperatures, and was recognised by internationally acclaimed designers like Frank Lloyd Wright, a design perfectionist who insisted on practicality as well as beauty. Since then millions of famous chefs, keen cooks and ordinary folk have fallen head over heels with the Sub-Zero range because of its beauty, efficiency and economical running costs. Why not join them and invest in one of the finest refrigeration solutions on the planet?

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Cast iron range cookers make a powerful interior design statement

Once upon a time a cooker was just that. A mere cooker. Today we care more than ever about the look and feel of our homes and what was once a simple, practical appliance has become a powerful design statement right at the heart of the contemporary kitchen.

Some might say interior decoration is a shallow thing, meaningless and vain. Others would disagree, maintaining that a good looking, comfy, stylish room makes you feel good, raises your spirits, delivers a significant and important feel good factor and ultimately makes your whole life better. If you’re the type of person who believes great design has an important part to play in the human condition, you’ll appreciate the beauty of cast iron range cookers as well as the numerous practical aspects.

Whatever your taste there’s oil fired cookers to suit your design style. Take the Rayburn Heatranger for a start. It’s a great-looking piece of kitchen kit with its smoothly rounded doors, shiny frontage and neat profile. Displaying a distinct 1950s feel, the design and styling brings James Dean and classic 50’s British sports cars to mind. But it’s far from old fashioned. The very latest in heating and cooking technologies have been brought to play to create a machine that works as beautifully as it looks.

Cooking with Country Ranges Including Aga and Rayburn

Cooking with Country Ranges

Choose cream or beige for a subtle, traditional kitchen. Go for smart, shiny black if you want to make a big visual impact without venturing into bright colours; black goes with everything. Or take the plunge and choose a stunning pillar box red. The Heatranger saves space too because it combines cooking and heating in one gloriously attractive appliance. Aubergine, racing green, aqua, pewter grey and a gorgeously rich, deep navy blue deliver even more cool design choices.

From a practical perspective you can choose a combined cooking, hot water and central heating model or a Rayburn that just cooks. Then there’s the choice oil, solid fuel and gas. Heating fuels of all kinds are going up in price this autumn so it’s more of a personal than an economic choice. Either way you’ll find ranges surprisingly economical to run.

Like Agas, Rayburns are designed with longevity in mind as well as style and practicality. They last for decades so you won’t need to fork out for a new appliance every five years like you usually do with ordinary cookers. Reliability and efficiency lie at the heart of the range cooker. They’re designed by engineers, built by craftsmen and best of all they’re neat and unobtrusive, fitting ordinary, everyday kitchen dimensions with ease. You don’t need a huge home to enjoy a Rayburn. Just great taste!

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Bespoke kitchen designers can help bring your kitchen space to life

Creating a beautiful and highly functional kitchen requires plenty of time and consideration. Space should be one of the main aspects when designing this room, as leaving too little space for activities such as food preparation and dining will make the room far less practical, whilst leaving too much unused space can mean that the kitchen feels less cosy and welcoming.

Storage is one of the most essential ‘space’ concerns when it comes to designing a kitchen. Any storage features that are to be incorporated into the room should be easily accessible, stylish and versatile in terms of what kind of items they can hold. Many home owners like to hire bespoke kitchen designers at this stage of the kitchen renovation, as these professionals can create clever storage solutions that are not only very practical, but also stylishly designed.

When planning out the work areas, such as food preparation and washing up, remember to incorporate storage pieces that can hold utensils which will be frequently used at that particular spot in the kitchen. This could mean keeping utensils such as knives for chopping on a magnetic strip close to the chopping board.

Because a kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house, it almost always produces a lot of refuse and general rubbish. So make sure to create a recycling, compost and rubbish area that is hygienic and easy to use. Again, bespoke kitchen designers can easily come up with a solution that is functional but doesn’t take away from the overall style of the room.

Essential Equipment for the Kitchen: A Sourcebook of the World's Best Designs

Essential Equipment for the Kitchen: A Sourcebook of the World’s Best Designs

The basic working areas of the kitchen include meal staging, cooking, water use (this includes activities such as washing vegetables and dishes, as well as cleaning up after meals) and storage. Each of these areas should complement one another in terms of their spatial proximity. The location of each working area should create a logical flow from the storage to the preparation of food, to the serving of the meal and finally to the washing up. This will make meal times so much calmer and more enjoyable, as there will be enough space for each stage of the meal preparation .

Additionally, the sink and the area around it must be designed in a way that allows for completing multiple tasks at once; whether that’s cleaning dishes, getting water, preparing vegetables or cleaning other foods.

For many people today, an open plan kitchen/dining area suits their lifestyle much better than a more formal separation of the two spaces. Breaking through a wall and joining a lounge or dining room to the kitchen can really open up the space and make a previously cramped room feel far lighter and airier. This type of room design is a great option for those who dislike the formality that a separate dining or lounge space can create when entertaining. With an open plan kitchen/lounge, guests can relax on comfy sofas and chat to the host whilst they prepare the meal, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

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